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I am Rayhatron, a web developer from Zimbabwe.

Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web.


Rufaro Madamombe (Rayhatron)

My name is Rufaro Madamombe, however, on the web, I've been known as Rayhatron. My main aim is to provide what the client needs and wants to be developed.

I've worked with several businesses to help them find a solution to achieve the targets, required for them to become a widely used website or an app. And I will do my best to offer best UI/UX service to the client's users. I want them to look at what has been created, and think how awesome and easy to use the website, or the app is.

I dream of creating amazing structured software which would meet all the needs of people who use it, along with giving them an experience of a life time by using it! I also like to write about my adventures during the journey to becoming a web developer, to tell about the experiences I've encountered with the technologies I've used and about the lessons life itself has taught me on the go.

Any computer science and IT related subject won't stop going forward and progressing, and what it generally means is you can't stop learning, as there will be new tech coming our way, new design patterns, new languages and updates to existing software. So I will never stop learning new stuff and I follow a motto of 'Learn on the go'. Thanks for taking your time and looking through my portfolio!


During my journey through web development, I've learned loads of magnificent technologies, and I've used them in my projects to strengthen the skills I was getting. I've encountered and resolved all the issues I've faced by using them, and each time it kept getting easier and easier to do.

Through practice, I've learned design patterns and certain techniques which I would be able to use in my future work and to build interactive and responsive websites and apps.

CSS3 developer SASS developer Javascript developer jQuery developer Wordpress developer VueJS developer


After being sure that I was proficient and fast to use front end technologies, I've started to go deeper into web app development, so I decided to have some backend technology at my hand. I've spent a lot of time learning widely used backend stack with its patterns, as I wanted not only to create a beautiful and gorgeous front end, but I wanted to add functionality too.

I wanted to be able to allow users to login/register, post, and literally improve the UI/UX the users would get, which meant database architecture, dashboards creation, and so much more. I wanted to be able to program how it all would work together, how it would behave if the user has chosen a certain option, I wanted to configure servers, create API's to support the constructor, and create something really really powerful.

NodeJS server and API developer Version control - GIT intergration Source code control - GITHUB HEROKU web app developer Database creation and intergration - MONGODB PHP developer


As we all know, you will require some of my works as a show off of my abilities and skills and decisions I've taken. I would love to give you few examples of what I've done. I'm always interested in doing as much as I can and build projects, as I am proud of what I'm doing, I'm loving it and all of that is thanks to a number of studies I did that I was able to achieve such diverse knowledge.

If you want to give a feedback or add additional functionality, or just advice, that's great! I'd really appreciate that you took a moment of your time to share your opinion! And if you want to hire me for a project or a part-time/full-time job offer, or just to work together in future - that's even better! :) Check out my github if you'd like to dive in the code.

Thanks for taking your time and looking through my portfolio!

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