12 February 2020

Week Four And Five Of Learning React

I thought that week three was bad but things just went downhill since then. Well, that’s not entirely true. In week four of learning React, I did make some progress but in week five not so much because something interesting started happening at work. Let me explain.

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26 January 2020

Week Three Of Learning React

Okay this week was definitely not my best or favourite one. Simply because I didn’t actual get to write any code to solidify what I was learning. For week three, we took a look at Redux which is state management tool. Now why might we want to manage state ?

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19 January 2020

Week Two Of Learning React

Week two was fantastic, I really got to see what React is about outside of creating components. I got to learn about state, fetching data from external APIs and navigation. Now I have to clarify the last part as it wasn’t React web that I was working with during week two.

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12 January 2020

Week One Of Learning React

So 2019 wasn’t the best year for me when it comes to improving my skills outside of what my job currently needs. I failed to achieve my goal of learning React so in 2020, I’ve decided to make sure that gets done no matter what.

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02 September 2019

My Experience Being A Part Of Techzim So Far

I’ve wanted to share more about my experience at Techzim for the longest time but always seemed to be too busy experiencing and not spending time documenting. Happy to finally take the time to let you in on what it has been like being a web developer at Techzim.

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