9 Cool Designs From HNG Internship 2018 Stage 1

20 April 2018 - 3 mins read

So a few days ago we talked about HNG Internship, the 3-month remote internship by Hotels.ng that is bringing some of the most talented developers into the spotlight by challenging them.

We also took a look at what the challenges were for stage 1 of the internship and you got to see my not so colourful design for one of the tasks of stage 1.

Well, here are some pretty colourful designs that others made using Figma and submitted for stage 1 of the HNG Internship.

They are quite cool, right?

I wish I could’ve included all the designs that have been submitted, however, even at the time that these designs caught my eye, there were already 500+ others submitted.

Hey, maybe this will get you to actually join the internship and see what others have already submitted and are submitting. I know for one, these designs inspire me to up my design skills.

I guess that’s what makes the HNG Internship such a magical place as I hinted to the other day: even though you’re all competing against each other, that competition pushes you all to grow together and make amazing software.

In case you’re wondering where I am in the internship, not to worry an update will be coming shortly, in the meantime let’s chat some more on Twitter, tweet me @Rayhatron