So I've moved from Windows 10 to Linux

01 October 2017 - 3 mins read

Okay so I pretty much grew up with windows around me. Well, I don’t mean the windows that are on the walls of the house though i’ve seen my fair share of those. I mean Windows the operating system, you know Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc. Yeah that.

Almost every single laptop that I encountered since I was a really young boy was running Windows. It might not have been the latest version but it was Windows nonetheless. I remember going to my dad’s office somedays and using the computer in his office for me to access high speed internet (cough cough) I kid, it was just dial up.

The thing I’m trying to say is that Windows has been there for me for a long time and we’ve had our fair share of adventures together. Whether it was going on the internet with dial up or starting my programming career, Windows has been the operating system.

Until Now That Is…

You’ve probably seen from the title that I’m moving to Linux from Windows. And it’s not just any Windows version I’m leaving, I’m leaving the latestest and greatest from Microsoft, Windows 10. So you might be wondering why? Why would I ditch the operating system that has had my back since day one?

It’s not you, it’s me…. Well, not in this case

It probably would have been easier for me to say oh it’s not Windows 10’s fault, it’s just me who just doesn’t enjoy it anymore. In some cases that is true. For example, I have been very keen on trying out Linux for years now but often, I either just didn’t have the courage to install and run the two operating systems alongside each other (dual boot) or I had something that just kept me saying “yeah, you can’t do that right now, maybe later”.

On the other had, it is Windows 10’s fault to some extent. My current laptop is by no means an average one, it has a good processor (core i7-4700MQ), more than enough RAM: 8 GB, dedicated video RAM: 1GB (Nvidia 730M) and it has plenty of storage space 1TB.

Even with all that, Windows 10 somehow found a way to be as laggy as possible. It’s found ways that I couldn’t even imagine to sometimes bring my laptop to a complete standstill. You’d think I had my storage filled to the brim and had thousands of app open at one time but that was never the case.

So yes, it’s both of us.

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles begins

So I’m still afraid of dual booting Windows 10 and Linux and due to that, I decided to purchase a new 1TB hard drive and install Linux on it. I also needed the hard drive so that I could backup my files just before resetting Windows 10 on the other hard drive.

After doing all that, I switched the hard drive and put in the new and empty one. Then I installed Elementary OS, a flavour of one of the many flavours of Linux available. At first, I had some trouble as I was trying to remap one of my dead keyboard keys (letter m) to the ALT-R key which works.

I tried so many solutions and failed at each try. So I ended up reinstall the operating system almost four times :joy:. But that’s not Elementary OS’s problem, I just have a faulty keyboard. Anyways, I ended up installing it one last time and this time, I decided to stick to a somewhat working solution.

So yeah, I’ve moved from Windows 10 to Linux and so far, I’m liking it. Especially the Speed. One of the reasons that I also moved is that I can grow as a developer by working in a new environment and learning it’s ropes. Maybe one day I’ll write about the things that I love most about Linux.

If you’ve encountered this post, feel free to tweet me @Rayhatron about your experience with operating systems. Have you only used one operating system your whole life? What are your thoughts on Linux or Windows if you’ve them.